Friday, 30 November 2012

The end of the Cancer Club

OD went to see the oncologist today prior to the start of the next cycle of chemo. He had an encounter with what sounded like a very incompetent registrar, before Dr P rescued him. He's ditching the rubbish anti-emetic ( domperidone) and moving on to the good stuff ( ondansetron).

On a sombre note, OD also went to a funeral. One of his colleagues had been having radiotheray for melanoma. They had joked about setting a cancer club. The man, who is about the same age as OD and with similarly aged kids had been back at work, and then very suddenly had complications and died.

OD started talking about the funeral over dinner, and I had to walk out to stop myself bursting into tears in front of him. It all just seems a little too real.

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