Sunday, 25 November 2012


We had a nice day today. Free Rent Freddy moved out, and I have claimed his bedroom as my sanctuary. It's amazingly quiet- I can even hear the rain dripping on the eaves!

I'm sure it's all psychological, but having a bit of my own space in the house has made a huge amount of difference. I have actually done some work too- which justifies the "study space" argument.

The day was filled with domestic bliss. OD is shattered from the chemo, but with some persuasion made a Sunday roast. It was nice pretending to be normal, and doing the weekend shop. The roast chicken was amazing. My only contribution was the gravy- but they do say the gravy holds the meal together.

Previously, the OD gravy was Bisto stuff. Not my idea of yumminess. But I convinced him to let me try his brother in law's recipe. It was DEAD SIMPLE, but DELICIOUS!

Essentially, all I did was throw in an onion, a carrot and tiny bit of parsnip to roast with the bird. Remove bird,  drain off the fat. Blend the juices, and the veg ( fancy name trivet) together with about 200mls of chicken stock. Nom..nom..nom. No pics, because we ate it all. Every LAST BIT. your heart out.

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