Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Beginnings..

 In 2010, I decided to try the online dating thing. Again. But this time, I was really going to make an effort. And so I did. I went on dates- with frogs. Well, maybe they weren't all frogs. And I didn't go on THAT many dates. In in the first week  of 2011, I went on a date with AW. He was a recently divorced architect- we'd been emailing for a while, and we met for a first date. It was a good choice- a posh pub in Edinburgh's New Town. The food was good, and the conversation flowed. It was a good 'un, as first dates go.

A couple of days later, AW called and invited me on a second date-the National Gallery of Modern Art, and then dinner at his. I was impressed- it was a great second date- he could talk about modern art and popular culture. He baked chocolate brownies ( dusted with icing sugar, and garnished with mint!) and there was a physical attraction.

I thought it was going well. I'd lent him one of my favourite books! And then we had the unpleasant phone call. The one that I should really have been prepared for...but wasn't. He had been seeing two people, and he'd decided to pursue things with the other girl. I'd lost. I could say, I was devastated. I wasn't, really. Yes, my pride was injured and I'm sure I ranted about him and all men for a little while. I thought I was DONE with online dating. ( I am fully aware that "two-timing" is not solely restricted to the internet acquired male).

And then, up popped a message. Yes- I'd been guilty of it too ( to a lesser extent). I'd exchanged emails with someone else. Something I hadn't planned on pursuing too enthusiastically. He was much older, separated and had baggage. Teenagers. Lots of them. And he lived in the soggy North West. Couldn't be more unsuitable.

I had been intrigued-he worked in hospital management. Why would any surgeon want to work as a...MANAGER! Bearing in mind, most of my encounters with lower level management had been frustrating discussions about bed blocking and discharges!

He was also pro-active.

My online dating experiences had usually been precluded by multiple emails before "real-life" contact. I wasn't very good at "following through". But before I knew it, I'd agreed to dinner on a Saturday night...

PS: AW sent me my book back in the post.


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